The Tangled Lands

297 pages

English language

Published Aug. 6, 2018

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2 stars (1 review)

"A fantasy novel told in four parts about a land crippled by the use of magic, and a tyrant who is trying to rebuild an empire--unless the people find a way to resist"--

A fantasy novel told in four parts. Khaim, The Blue City, is the last remaining city in a crumbled empire that overly relied upon magic until it became toxic. It is run by a tyrant known as The Jolly Mayor and his devious right hand, the last archmage in the world. Together they try to collect all the magic for themselves so they can control the citizens of the city. But when their decadence reaches new heights and begins to destroy the environment, the people stage an uprising to stop them.

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So Bleak. Slog.

2 stars

I did NOT enjoy this. There is some interesting world building, but it kind of stops developing for the second half of the book. Everything is so droll and dark and hopeless and bleak. The characters are mostly awful, the people are mostly awful, so bleak.

There's some interesting allegory for climate change, but again, just kind of doesn't develop for the second half of the book.


  • Imaginary places
  • Fiction
  • Magic
  • Dictators
  • Environmental degradation